Database Administrator Job Description

Database Administrator Job Description

A database administrator job description may encompass lots of different responsibilities that vary from firm to firm. To be a database administrator, you may be required to hold an undergraduate in computer science or a related field. Here, we will give you a very simple database administrator job description. In this way, you can better understand if this sort of job might be one that you want to pursue. Getting a degree in such a field, whether online or from a physical institution, may be the first place to start out.

Duties and Responsibilities

Duties and responsibilities of someone in this sort of position may vary from firm to firm, as mentioned above.  Typically, a database administrator is responsible for almost all facets of database management. This includes installation, monitoring, maintenance, security, performing any upgrades, and more*. They are normally involved in planning for future expansion, upgrades, compatibility, and more. Some duties included in a database administrator’s job description may be job specific.* Often times, desired skills are also listed in such a posting. They are as varied as knowledge of OS and SQL, as well as good communication skills. You can expect to most likely be working in an office or lab.*


There are lots of possibilities for database administrators. Many firms, from institutions to corporations, are in need of database administrators at many levels. Most companies have lower level to higher level DBAs, as they are known in the industry. Again, a job description may be reflective of the level of responsibility to a particular DBA that is needed in an organization. Generally, a DBA is employed full-time. Getting such a degree can help you to become more upwardly mobile in your career, and may also help you to get more steady work in a safer environment than you are currently employed in.


Demand for this job is fairly high, and the number of positions are only expected to grow in the coming years. In order to get employed in this field, you will need to get either a bachelors in computer science or another field. Some positions may also require you to get a specialized MBA degree. It is expected that, as the number of these positions and demand grows, more people will seek education for the database administrator field in order to get these jobs.


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