Educational Technology Degree

Educational Technology Degree

With an educational technology degree, you have the ability to pass on your skills and knowledge of technology to others. Educators and technology leaders typically mold the next generation of industry experts who lead us to the future.* Courses are typically designed to help you understand and comprehend the art of education coupled with a passion for technology.

How to Earn an Educational Technology Degree

The first step towards earning an educational technology degree is applying to universities and institutions that offer the degree. You may also opt to earn the degree online in some cases. The degree is typically obtained after enrolling in a four-year program, and after completion, you may have the opportunity to pursue higher studies with the degree.

When earning an educational technology degree, a few pieces of advice you may want to consider include:**

  • Building a strong resume as you excel in your academics
  • Applying your coursework outside of the classroom
  • Being aware of job postings and assess your weaknesses and strengths
  • Attending lectures, conferences and seminars to build your knowledge.

 Career Outlook

Upon completion of an educational technology degree, generally, there are several opportunities to excel in the technology industry. These opportunities may include:***

  • Education: Working in schools and other educational environments, which may include becoming a media specialist, classroom teacher, course designer, and faculty support.
  • Business: Human resource development is another field where a degree in educational technology may help secure job. Positions in such field may include an evaluator, project manager, consultant, corporate trainer, and designer.
  • Military: An education technology degree may also earn you a spot in the military as a computer instructor, consultant, designer of training materials and course designer.
  • Instruction design company: Jobs under this category may include director of training, conference associate liaison, vice president of professional development, and managing organizational development.

Becoming an educator typically requires patience, understanding and passion for the subject being taught. With an educational technology degree, you may be just that- bold, confident and influential.


If you're interested in earning an educational technology degree, get information about technology schools in your area or online using our technology degree finder at the top of this page. 


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