Emerging Technologies

Emerging Technologies

Perhaps the only thing more impressive than technology itself is the pace at which it changes from one moment to the next. Over the course of the last year, we've seen many great leaps in advanced technology, some of which have been so subtle that the impact of them will not be fully appreciated until years to come. For this reason alone, ranking these discoveries in terms of their importance can be a very difficult task. Nonetheless, here is a list of what many experts agree are the most important technological advancements within the last year.

Memory Implants:

Imagine being able to boost your memory capabilities exponentially. Or perhaps having knowledge simply uploaded directly to your brain for later recollection. These are all possible outcomes of innovative research now being conducted within the field of neuroscience. One researcher has successfully unlocked the way in which the brain creates and stores long term memories. The work has been so comprehensive that the next logical step is moving forward with memory implants, to specifically be used to treat Alzheimer's patients suffering from memory loss. The impact of this new discovery could revolutionize the way that human beings process and store information within their own brains.

Smart Watches:

The smart watch is the first step in solving one of the biggest problems facing consumers today: we're absolutely drowning in information. Whether it comes from our smartphones, tablets, or computers, the average person has to process a nearly endless amount of information on a daily basis. The smart watch, however, changes all of that.  By staying into constant contact with a mobile device in our pocket or carrying bag, the watch delivers only selected tidbits of information that have been pre chosen by the recipient. These can then be read at a quick glance so that we can still receive important information while remaining productive throughout the day. Essentially, these smart watches help us to filter out the noise of daily modern life.

Super-Efficient Solar Panels

Economic experts know that the only way to entice millions of consumers to jump on the solar power bandwagon is to offer a way to dramatically reduce energy costs for a home or business. Super-efficient solar panels offer that promise.  A typical solar panel usually consists of silicon and is only able to capture a small spectrum of the sun's light, converting anywhere from fifteen to twenty percent of that into useable energy.  The newer solar panels, however, utilize the power of nanotechnology to increase energy conversion to over fifty percent. This could make solar power much more cost efficient for homeowners and other people, helping to increase the adoption of such technology both in the United States and abroad. 


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