Florida Institute of Technology

Florida Institute of Technology

Located in sunny Melbourne, Florida, the Florida Institute of Technology is a highly respected leader in technical-focused higher education. Students and faculty are committed to research and teaching of cutting edge developments within their respected fields, including engineering, science, aviation, business, and the humanities. Doctoral degree programs are offered as well in the fields of science, engineering, and psychology, with additional masters programs focused on aeronautics, business and communications.

The Institute was founded in 1958 amidst the rich technological history of Southern Florida. Its path coincides directly with the development of the United States space program and the formation of NASA, as the school was initially designed to offer continuing education for the scientists, technicians, and engineers of what would become the Kennedy Space Center just down the road. Ever since, the University has grown exponentially to meet the growing technological education needs of the region as well as the country.

Florida Institute of Technology Campus

Located in a region of Florida well known for its progressive business atmosphere, Florida Tech is within easy reach of many of the opportunities available in Florida, including the Kennedy Space Center and the Space Coast, home to shuttle launches, multiple research facilities concerning marine science, a growing renewable energy development community and miles upon miles of undeveloped beaches. The campus itself lays in the heart of Brevard County, though remains quiet amidst the bustle of ongoing community life. Situated on 130 acres filled with tropical green beauty, it offers a comfortable suburban environment for students to focus and achieve their goals.

The campus is also only a few minutes away from the Atlantic Ocean, as well as the world famous Indian River Lagoon. These nearby opportunities provide students with excellent resources with unmatched research and recreational possibilities. To the west, an hour’s drive will end up in Orlando, and the theme-park packed region that contains SeaWorld as well as Disney World.

Curriculum at Florida Institute of Technology

World famous for its programs in science, engineering, and technology, FIT also has competitive programs in education, the humanities, psychology, and business. Students may progress toward primary degrees in a variety of fields, and may continue onward through highly respected conferrals of FIT master’s and doctoral degrees. The University also offers a wide variety of two year associate degrees for those whose career paths warrant a foundational education, as well as several certificate programs designed to advance an established career.


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Source: http://www.fit.edu/