Future Technologies and How they Affect You

Future Technologies and How they Affect You

New and innovative future technology is constantly being developed, some of which is sure to affect you or someone you know. Many of these developments are improvements on current technology, while others are completely new.

One that may interest just about everyone is the new bendable Smartphone! You may currently be in love with your current phone, which has a ton of different apps and does just about everything you could want. But what happens if you happen to drop it? You will be off looking for a new phone – that is, after you pick up all of the little pieces! The new bendable Smartphone is completely flexible, and its developers claim it is almost unbreakable. These phones will work not just for personal use, but for businessmen who must constantly be in contact. Salesmen, managers in all fields, and field technicians-all will be able to put them to good use. Repairmen, who often have to bend, kneel, and are constantly on the move will find this a much more durable alternative to the present phones.

Are you a diabetic? New technology will allow diabetic patients to wear a pair of contact lenses which use nanoparticles which react with ones tears and change in color if the blood sugar becomes too low. This could prove to be a great advantage to insulin dependent diabetics who are constantly checking blood sugar levels.

New technology developed by Cisco and AT&T will take video conferencing to a whole new level. State of the art audio, video and lighting will make both sides of the conversation feel as if they were in the same room. Many careers will be able to use this technology for business meetings when employees are in different cities or even different countries.

The military is always looking into new technology to protect our servicemen. A new military exoskeleton gives the soldier incredible strength and endurance. This will give our soldiers a real helping hand! There are also new developments in transparent armor, able to withstand heat, pressure and bullets.

Another medical advance that will provide benefits to a wide number of individuals is the wireless, implantable devices that monitor a range of health conditions in real time. These devices are particularly useful for monitoring chronic conditions such as diabetes and high cholesterol, as well as tracking the impact of drug treatments such as chemotherapy. Results can be delivered right to your phone.

Agricultural robots are appearing on farms, and have grasping tools based on human movements. The onboard computers are able to differentiate between ripe and unripe fruits and vegetables, as well as between valuable crops and weeds. The newer technology will allow for greater efficiency, speed and production, helping to relieve food shortages.


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