How to Become a Database Administrator

How to Become a Database Administrator

If you're looking into considering becoming a database administrator or just want to know more information about what one does, you have come to the right place! There are plenty of things that help make a database administrator just that, from their duties, to educational requirements, work environment, and what they make.

What does a database administrator, do?

Of course one of the most important things that is needed to know is what exactly are the duties of this type of job? The main thing for a database administrator is that of data integrity. Data integrity is essentially to maintain and insure complete accuracy and a consistency for that particular data over its entire life-span. Data integrity plays an important role in systems which store, process, or retrieve data. This is the main thing that this particular type of job does, but there are other duties involved as well such as installation, configuration, upgrade, and migration of various systems on a given server.

They can also be known to help with the backup and recovery of a given server that they manage. On top of that, they typically can be known to be required to understand the database and to secure it to the best of their ability. Tuning up and trouble-shooting is quite often applicable to this type of job as well*.

What are the educational requirements?

Depending on the company, education requirements can vary, but the standard requirements generally prefer that you have a Bachelor's Degree or higher in Computer Science, Information technology, Engineering, or that of a very similar related field. Understanding different databases like SQL servers, Oracle, and Mongo are typically required**.

What kind of work environment is expected?

When it comes to a database administrator, one of the most important things to note is that you may essentially be on-call 24/7. You may be helping to maintain someone’s database or a multitude of databases, and you may be the only one they count on which means you're their go-to person for these kind of technical difficulties. So expect to be open to come in whenever or be prepared to work at a minutes notice. If you aren't one that prefers an on-call type job, this type of job may not be for you. As sites and servers change, that means they will go to you to expect you to keep up with the times and keep the servers as up to date as possible*.

What can you expect to make as a database administrator?

When it comes to this type of job, it's such a very specific job that requires a specific skill-set, so the pay you should expect is quite high, and can range anywhere from $65k to $100k a year depending on your knowledge, the company, and the specific type of admin job that you end up getting***.

No matter what the case, it's safe to say that if you're the kind of person that doesn't mind having to be potentially on call 24/7, make good money, and to maintain servers, then this job may be for you!


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