How to become an IT Administrator

How to Become an IT Administrator

IT administrators are typically employed by companies and institutions to help with the configuration, maintenance and installation of Local Area or Wide Area Networks. They even delve further to ensure that the website performances of these companies are optimum and if necessary, do upgrades. They will usually be employed by IT service firms, institutions like universities as well as healthcare centers. They are also crucial in determining disaster recovery options for systems which may involve backup contingencies. At the same time, they also do the troubleshooting of both hardware and software of a company’s network to ensure that it is in perfect working order.

The Bureau Labour of Statistics predicted in 2012 that job opportunities for system administrators would increase by about 28%. Of course this is double than is the average for all other jobs. This increase is attributed by the need for companies to invest in networks and even faster technology in their operations. The need for IT in sectors like healthcare will also buoy the job environment. There are more than 341,000 people working as system and network administrators in the USA. Their annual median income is estimated to have been about $70,970 in the year 2011. This was a figure with a $2,000 increase of the previous year’s earnings. About 10% of these professionals actually made more than $110,000 in 2011*.

A number of factors may usually determine the amount of money an individual earns. For example, the education experience as well as the professional expertise may all work to determine the earnings of an individual. The market conditions are also a factor in this regard.

You will generally require a bachelor’s degree in computer science or information sciences to do this kind of work. Sometimes, you may need an Associate’s degree combined with immense job experience to get the job.

To get this degree in IT administration, you will need about 4 to 5 years of campus or online education. In the event that you already have an Associate’s degree, 2 and ½ years may be sufficient to get you the needed qualification. There are several subjects that you may be taught in this regard.

Fundamentals of Information Technology, as well as Web Development are some of the subjects you are likely to be taught. Network Server Administration, Networks, Operating Systems as well as Project Management will also be part of your coursework. There is a lot more that you may be taught to finally emerge as a qualified IT Administrator. You also have to bear in mind that you will need to have a number of certifications to be able to get employment in a number of fields. These certification exams are usually included in the fees that many programs charge for this BS Degree**.

A career in IT Administration may offer immense satisfaction and a comfortable income when you have the skills and experience needed to fill a given job position. There are several institutions across the US which offers this course which has various rewards for you.



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