How to Become a Web Designer

How to Become a Web Designer

A web designer creates and lays out elements for websites. Professionals in this tech and design field often balance how a page looks and how a web page functions.

Besides functionality, another factor a web designer must consider is website accessibility. This means creating web pages that are accessible for different types of devices. With technology advancing so quickly, this element has become more relevant and necessary.

The most common degree a web designer has is a Computer Science degree or Marketing related Degree such as Business Administration or E-Commerce. As part of their education programs, he or she learns how about front-end, data integration, content management and coding languages like HTML, CSS, PHP and MySQL.

Through formal training, one receives a certificate or advanced degree. To build application experience, a web designer can work at an internships or small consulting project to get practical. Those who are self-taught and end up working in a corporate environment may not start off at a company as a web designer. He or she may begin in a marketing, administrative or other role that relates to web design duties. With time, one may sometimes become interested in the field and eventually transition into such role.

Many companies hire a web designers based on their portfolio, so it is important to get real world experience for showcase. These experiences can be small personal projects, volunteer projects for local schools or nonprofit groups or paid projects.

Despite the common misconception, a web designer is not the same as a web developer. A web developer is responsible for server development and web server configuration and security. To become a website developer, one needs to learn programming languages and methodologies like Java programming.

A web designer works in a multitude of environments. One can work at large technology companies like Microsoft Corporation, Sun Microsystems, Apple or Google. One can also work at an internet service provider, internet consulting firm, advertising firm or specialized web design company.

According to Glassdoor, a median web designer salary is about $50,000 nationally as of September 2013.* The pay ranges from region to region, and factors such as educational background, experience, type of role and type of company play an important role in determining one’s pay.


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