How to Become a Web Developer

How to Become a Web Developer

The use of internet has increased at a great degree and people worldwide use internet for their day-to-day work. With the easy accessibility of internet and several websites coming up on a daily basis, the need of web developers has risen. Web developers are the software engineers who develop the applications for the internet. It is generally made for a web browser who is usually their client.

A web developer must have a command on languages like java, C++, and C#. is another very important language a web developer may need to know. There are several scripting languages like, Perl and PHP are used while web designing. JavaScript, HTML, DOM, and CSS are other popular technologies that are used by the web developers who are on the client’s side.

Web developers often build sites from the ground up. They create everything from the page layout to its functions. They produce these sites so that they may be easy for others to understand and use, as well as show dynamic creativeness in showcasing a company’s products, services, promotions, etc*.


A formal education is typically required for someone to be a professional web developer. One may have a two-year degree from a technical college, or a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (BSCS) in order to get through the post of a web designer. The developers may have an additional training in the graphic design so that the looks of the websites are appealing**. The web developers can get some experience in the field by developing small components upon completion of their program.

The web applications may be built with the senior developers so that the concepts can be cleared. Formal help can also be taken and the teachers or other developers can be contacted for the same. Several web developers also work for companies as interns so that they may learn and have some work experience, too. Getting formal training in web designing is typically a better option and one is sometimes preferred over other candidates if they have experience.

Career Path

The developers can focus on the job role of coding if they get themselves into the development role. This requires some experience in coding along with a complete knowledge about it. The web developers may also work as software architectures, which focus less on the development and more on the designing of the website that has to provide high quality.

This job may be a little complex and one may need to have creative ability to do well in this field. If you work hard, gain experience, and prove your knowledge of web development, you may end up in project management. The job role in project management depends upon the company you work for and the interests the individuals have in that job or field.

The scope in the field of web developers is good and one can earn a good salary if they have talent and the right knowledge to do so. The use of internet has increased the need of web developers and so, there may be potential for growth in this field. The mean annual salary for web developers came in around $75,660. The range was from $33,550 at the entry level and $105,200 at a more executive level. The job growth for web developers is about 22%, which is faster than average when compared to other jobs***.


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