How to Earn a Database Administration Degree

How to Earn a Database Administration Degree

A database administration degree may help you reach your career goals quicker than you ever dreamed possible. But what does it take as far as classes go in order to earn such a degree? And how good are the chances of you getting a job in this field after you earn a degree in it? To learn more about a database administration degree, just keep reading. We have compiled this information and more for you right here.

Educational Requirements

Before you get started working toward a database administration degree, you should know that you may need to have completed your high school education first. Do your best to take a pre-college track of studies if that is offered in your high school. Some helpful classes to have may be any computer science classes (if offered), a foreign language, and any AP science or mathematics classes that are offered, as well. You may want to ask the college that you are thinking of attending about any specific requirements that they have for those entering their programs in computer science or engineering, or if they offer those programs.

Educational Requirements for Degree

The educational requirements for your degree may depend upon the school that you attend, as well as your specific program. Expect to get a bachelor’s if not a master’s in something like engineering or computer science, and then have to work about 2 years or so in the field*. While pursuing either an engineering or computer science degree be fully aware that you may be required to take quite a few math courses, and may also have to take courses in things like computer design, operating systems, database design, blueprint reading, 3D design, materials testing, and other technical areas.

Career Outlook

This career is growing faster than average, which means getting a database administration degree may put you in a great spot to get a better job. You may be able to make somewhere around $33.25 per hour with a bit of experience. As of 2010, around 347,200 people were employed in this field. Nearly 90% of those employed in this field work full-time, which means earning a database administration degree may also help you to get a more steady and stable job if that is what you are searching for**.



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