Master of Science in Information Systems

Master of Science in Information Systems

A master of science in information systems is a fantastic graduate degree to pursue if you would like a job, even in this tough economy. Forbes magazine recently named a master of science in information systems as the number four master’s degree with which to earn gainful employment.* In this article, we will take a look at what students who would like to earn a MS in information systems can expect when being accepted into and beginning that sort of program, as well as school options in this field.

What It Is

A master of science in information systems degree is a degree that prepares you for work in the computer science field. Normally, people are employed in the IT field at a management level after completing this sort of degree.* These sort of programs are often not a part of the computer science program, but instead are found in the business program, though that may vary from institution to institution. Many graduate programs, from smaller private institutions to very large public schools, may offer this sort of degree. Check with the programs that you are considering learning more about.

What to Expect

When completing a MS in information systems, there are a few things that you can expect. To get a better feel for this, we can look at the program offered by Northwestern University.* Their program is very heavy on programming, networks, and database systems. Electives that students may take include options like IT focused courses, project and data management, software courses, programming courses, and many system-based courses, as well. If you do not like spending lots of time behind your desk or at a computer, either in your academic or professional life, this degree is most likely not for you.


There are lots of options when it comes to what sort of program you choose to go to in order to earn a master of science in information systems. Some may choose to go to an actual brick and mortar school. Others may join a distance learning program that allows them to only have to attend physical classes a few times a semester. Still others may opt for online degrees. All of these can be just fine. Consider how much time you have, if moving is an option, the financial aid you can get, and programs at each of the schools you are considering.


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