Tech Degrees

 Tech Degrees

Technology is everywhere and has opened the doors for all types of software options to create and integrate technology into our lives easier and faster than ever before. Technological advances in this day and age make it more important to get people qualified to match the demand in an ever changing industry. Thousands of applications are made and launched every day, which either overrides or works together with another new technological feature. With this industry constantly evolving and changing it is no wonder that tech degrees and jobs are fast becoming a secured career.*

If you do have the knack and interest in technology and the tech industry you should consider a making it a career. There are a few general tech degrees you can obtain that can help you discover where you can specialize and focus your interest in a specific field of study. Some of these tech degrees can be obtained online or in a physical educational institution. Here is a list of some of the tech degrees you can pursue:

1.Bachelor’s degree in Computer Programming

A bachelor’s degree in Computer Programming is a tech degree that gives you knowledge and skills to become one of the following:

  • Database administrator
  • Computer programmer
  • Computer technician 
  1. Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology and Information Systems

A Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology and Information Systems allows you to work very closely with other working professionals as well as computers. This tech degree has been shown to be one of the fastest growing tech degrees to pursue. Attaining this type of tech degree awards you skills to perform:*

  • Computer support
  • Computer specialist
  • Technical support and assistance
  • Information technology advice
  • Computer Software updates and troubleshooting

3.Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science

A Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science is considered as one of the highest paying Bachelor’s degrees about 2010. This tech degree is great for individuals who also want a financially fulfilling career. This type of tech degree gives you the skills and knowledge of:

  • Computer systems analyst
  • Designing new computer software
  • Developing a brand new computer systems
  • Improving and updating current computer systems
  • Configuration of computer hardware and software
  • Computer system management and troubleshooting

4.Bachelor’s Degree in Information Science

A bachelor’s degree in Information Science is a tech degree that is very hands-on and technical. This tech degree type will award your skills and knowledge on how to:

  • Create better storage and data systems
  • Become a network administrator
  • Become a computer system administrator
  • Work with WANs and LANs
  • Integrate network segments
  • Work with the company’s internet and intranet systems to ensure proficiency

5.Master’s degree in Business Administration

A master’s degree in Business Administration is also known as an MBA is for anyone looking to create a business with a technology background. This tech degree type is also ideal for individuals interested in managerial positions within a company. An MBA that is focused on technology as a core component in the field of study is best for careers in computer science or information systems.*


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