Ten Great Technology Jobs

Ten Great Technology Careers

Perhaps if there is the greatest achievement of all time, it is the technological advances in various areas including education, health, information, sciences, transport and industry. It has become the main facilitator in sharing of products, news, ideas among others. Unlike the olden times when things moved at a snail’s pace, the advances in technology has made everything possible in a flash. We no longer have to wait till the following day for news to break. Instead, it gets to the public immediately someone reports it. As technology continues advancing in every fiber of the society, so does the job market that surrounds it.

For those who are passionate about technological advances, there are career fields that can benefit anyone with the right training in relevant technological fields. Of course a degree or higher makes everyone’s chances of landing a job easier than they may think. Here are ten great jobs in technology that are worth taking a look at*:

  • A computer systems analyst can check out the inner and outer workings of a desktop as they are qualified in that field. The job needs competency in the workings of a computer, both software and hardware. A systems analyst is charged with determining how a business can best be served using a certain computer system.
  • A database administrator has the duty of upgrading, creating and testing the workings of computer software. At times there may be need for fine-tuning which a data administrator has to be knowledgeable about. Attention to detail may be a necessary trait, as well as an ability to problem solve.
  • A software developer writes software codes. Those who enjoy doing this in solitude stand a better chance of excelling in the field. They are the brains behind the software used in businesses every day. They must be able to write code and create products from scratch.
  • There is the web developer who develops widgets as well as neat graphics. They design and maintain websites to make them user-friendly, easy to navigate and aesthetically pleasing. Developers may work part-time, full-time, or on a freelance basis.
  • To be a computer programmer, one needs lots of patience, endurance and understanding of how these machines function. The job needs re-writing, debugging, testing and maintaining software programs that complete the functions of the computer. A programmer needs the basic knowledge of computer languages and software in order to best serve their clients.
  • To be a mechanical engineer, there is need for a strong mathematical background. If this is coupled with added know-how of the software, one may end up working in bigger and better projects that could extend up to the Chinese skyscrapers. This job may be the best for those who are high performers with minimal supervision.
  • One could also work as an IT manager. An IT manager is the computer wizard who checks the inside of a computer when there is a technical glitch like email refusing to send, the word starter refusing to open and any other problem that comes with the software. Besides fixing technical issues, IT managers also update software and protect the office network from any hackers.
  • When one gets to work as a department head, they have to ensure that the systems in the company are working well and there is no threat of hackers or malware getting to the systems.
  • A computer systems administrator ensures a healthy computer network is maintained. They also apply their knowledge in telecommunications networks. Without this computer savvy people, there would be technological glitches in most computer networks.
  • A civil engineer designs all the buildings, streets, highways and cars that people use. Their work is important as it involves designing where people can live and work in.

There are many open jobs for those who train in the technology field. For those with the necessary qualifications and training, a career in technology may be a great and viable option for those who are passionate about the field.


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