Top Technology Schools in the US

Top Technology Schools in the US

In order to standout in the job market while pursuing a career in technology, you may need a degree or certification from one of the top technology schools in the US. When choosing a school, it is generally best to analyze several factors including school facilities, reputation of programs, and quality of teaching from professors. Here is a list of some of top technology schools in the US:

The California Institute of Technology- Pasadena, CA

This prestigious school, also known as CalTech, is one of the highest ranked technology schools in the US. Its student/faculty ratio of 3:1 allows students to learn in small environments where they can receive personal guidance from professors.  Academic divisions within this institution include Biological Engineering, Chemical Engineering, and applied sciences in engineering.[i]

Cornell University- Ithaca, NY

Like CalTech, this Ivy League institution is generally known for its strong engineering program, which ranks first out of the eight Ivy League schools. Other technology-driven departments offered at Cornell University include Computer Science, Computational Biology, Statistical Science, Food Science and Technology, and Architecture.[ii]

The Georgia Institute of Technology- Atlanta, GA

Also called Georgia Tech, this school has generally become a popular choice for students who want to study technology.  The different programs offered at Georgia Tech include the College of Computing, College of Engineering, and College of Sciences.  A combination of state tuition and strong academic programs may be some of the driving forces behind its prestigious reputation.[iii]

Purdue University- West Lafayette, IN

The institution is generally popular for its reputation as a top research university.

There are more than 200 majors available for students within 10 different colleges. Technology-driven majors at Purdue include Computer and Information Technology, Industrial Technology and a large variety of engineering studies.[iv]  

Stanford University- Palo Alto, CA

Nestled in Silicon Valley, one of the tech capitals of the world, Stanford University is highly ranked for its overall academic excellence and technology departments. Stanford offers renowned engineering departments including Bioengineering, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Energy Recourse Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and more.  Its School of Medicine is also ranked for its use of ground-breaking technology.[v]

University of California at Berkeley- Berkeley, CA

This large public university generally prioritizes the use of technology across several of its facilities and departments.  These include but are not limited to the following:

  • Berkeley Wireless Research Center
  • Center for New Music and Audio Technologies
  • Center for Information Technology Research in the Interest of Society
  • Electrical Engineering & Computer Sciences
  • Social Science Computing Laboratory
  • Fisher Center for the Management of Information Technology

Massachusetts Institute of Technology- Cambridge, MA

MIT is generally always at the top of the list for best technology schools in the US. The school has a large list of notable alumni that includes Ray Tomlinson, who pioneered the “@” symbol; Buzz Aldrin, the second man to walk on the moon; and William Hewlett, cofounder of Hewlett Packard.[vi]


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